Sunday, 9 June 2019

We got the nets open at Cristin today and although it was quiet (quite expected in June), a Robin and House Sparrow were amongst the birds caught. Robins severely dropped in numbers ever since the beast from the east, none are breeding this year so it seems, so any recorded here are birds that are moving around. House Sparrows are rare on Bardsey, the male that was caught today has been around for a couple of days and was simply caught by chance. 
Taken for granted on the mainland, however, male House Sparrows are
undeniably handsome birds
After ringing in the morning we went round to the East side to ring Chough chicks, they nest in fairly inaccessible places and so some scrambling is required to get to the nests!
Chough chick, juvenile Choughs have orange bills and legs, unlike
the adult's characteristic bright red bare parts! Photo - Ed Betteridge
Along with the Choughs, Razorbill Pulli were also ringed and some nest counts were done for Kittiwakes and Fulmars

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