Sunday, 21 January 2018

Sightings over the winter months can frequently plateau for weeks at a time with little change so its always pleasant when new birds arrive on the island, common or rare. It was a great surprise when the sixth record of Pink-footed Goose for the island appeared in the North West Fields. The last records came last winter when eight individuals appeared on the 26th of November and continued to stay for a few weeks inhabiting exclusively in three fields at the northern end of the island. Today only three birds were seen and only pick up very briefly in the late afternoon before taking off and heading north, a thick fog shrouded the island soon after and they were not seen again. Being such a rare bird for the island and the fact that last year individuals resisted in exactly the same fields as these were seen today, you could probably surmise that they, or at least one or two could possibly be returning birds, unfortunately we will not know for certain.

Pink-footed Goose feather and droppings found in the North West Fields where they were present for a short time
Very little else was noted although a smart male Teal was present on the small flood pool on the Narrows, a Whimbrel was heard close by, a species that doesn't over winter in large numbers in the UK and 31 Oystercatchers, 26 Curlews, 16 Redshanks, eight Turnstones and just two Rock Pipits were seen.

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