Tuesday, 12 June 2018

If the weather forecast is to be believed, tomorrow will see the end of what has been a phenomenal run of hot, sunny and extremely dry weather. The clouds are set to thicken and the wind is predicted to whip up quite considerably so we took advantage of what appears to be the last clear, calm day to get around the East Side and check up on the Razorbills in the boulder field at Bae Felen. There were hatched chicks squeaking from almost every crevice, and a flush count resulted in 950 adults counted. Ideally we'll make several more flush counts of adults at each site before using the generally accepted conversion factor of 0.67 to produce a figure for the number of pairs.

Other birds logged today included nine Fulmars, 15 Gannets, a Sparrowhawk, five Dunlins, a Whimbrel, a Curlew, a Collared Dove, a Sand Martin, 14 Swallows, a House Martin, four Wheatears, a Sedge Warbler, a Chiffchaff, a Goldcrest, two Chaffinches and four Linnets.

Much of the afternoon was spent ringing a combination of adult and juvenile Razorbills at Bae Felen. There may have been cuteness overload.

Corn Spurrey is now flowering abundantly in the Ty Capel field. In recent years, this field has been left to overgrow having previously been used as cattle fodder. This vulnerable arable weed appears to be declining throughout the UK, and this appears to be the first time it has appeared on the island for a number of years.

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