Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Once again the weather really stopped play today. A stiff breeze from the north and rain in the morning means that no ringing can take place which is where the focus is at this time of year as more and more juveniles are appearing especially in the sea bird colony.

The number of family parties around the island are increasing with large fluffy Oystercatcher chicks being seen following their parents and copying their every move, as well as small parties of Linnets, Pied Wagtails and Wheatears.

The guided walk still went ahead in less than ideal conditions but with a good group of people it didnt put anyone off. The moth Trap held very little but a Small Angle Shades and White Ermine are always crowd pleasers as well as the Small Elephant Hawk moth that we still had from the trap the day before. The highlights of the walk included good views of Choughs and young Linnets being fed by their parents as well as the Golden Hair Lichen and the famous Sharp Rush.

Chough flying past

Grey Heron

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