Monday, 10 August 2020

The forecast for this morning was quite bleak, heavy rain from four in the morning and lasting pretty much all day. With this in mind, last night we were all out trying to catch Terns on the Narrows (just on the off chance, to see how well it would work) unfortunately this yielded nothing. Storm Petrels were ringed at the North End, Mark caught 23 birds, of which 20 were new. However, in the morning there was no rain in sight, but the constant threat on the forecast meant that it would be better to do indoor jobs. This involved painting a couple of walls in the store room, ready for the new batteries and inverters to be mounted on, and entering ringing data. A few Willow Warblers and a Blackcap were all seen in the garden early on, so it would appear we are still waiting on our next good arrival. A first for the year was had when checking the moth trap, a Great Spotted Woodpecker which quickly flew over the Obs south, calling as it went. At around 1030 it did start raining and at around 1430, it became clear that the weather was going to persist and so a very (very) wet walk to the South End was undertaken. Not much was had that wasn't expected, but being out in the harsh island weather is a nice experience. Six Turnstones were perched on the rocks around the narrows, and six Redshanks burst out from the rock pools, calling as they went. The weather did persist until 1700, when the sky finally cleared and the evening became really rather pleasant, with a flat calm sea and typically gorgeous sunset.

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