Thursday, 16 April 2009

16 April
This was another reasonable day of common bird passage, although somewhat less frenetic than the 15th. Willow Warblers and Northern Wheatears remained much the most numerous migrants with 100 and 60 counted respectively. Nine Common Grasshopper Warblers, a Ring Ouzel, three Tree Pipits, a Redwing, a Common Sandpiper and three Ringed Plovers (one dazzled after dark) were also seen. Later on complete cloud cover, a late-rising moon and steady drizzle after dark created conditions propitious for a lighthouse attraction which, although never spectacular, continued steadily all night with a maximum of up to around fifty birds in the beams at a time. These included 30 Manx Shearwaters, 50 Willow Warblers, 20 Northern Wheatears, 15 Common Grasshopper Warblers13 Blackcaps.
After the attraction! - birds collected for ringing at the 
lighthouse, 16 April 2009 © Richard Else 

Common Grashopper Warblers Attracted to the 
lighthouse, 16 April 2009 © Steven Stansfield

There were also six Bar-tailed Godwits attracted, three Common Sandpipers, a Barn Swallow and a Short-eared Owl. An unexpected lighthouse ‘attractee’ was a Red Swordgrass moth caught at the gantry lights (only fourth for the island).
Red Swordgrass, Bardsey Lighthouse 
16 April 2009 © Richard Else

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