Thursday, 14 May 2009

Besides the seething room-full of Manx Shearwaters collected during the night, a miserable day of almost unrelenting drizzle precluded much ringing activity. In the aftermath of the attraction though, a good number of birds were to be seen on the island. Four Wood Warblers were found in the morning – the first ones of the year. Other summer migrants were present in reasonable quantities: 18 Spotted Flycatchers, two Pied Flycatchers, 27 sedge Warblers, 16 Blackcaps, ten Common Whitethroats, three Garden Warblers, 25 Willow Warblers, nine Common Chiffchaffs and a Common Grasshopper Warbler were counted. Waders too, had descended en masse (by Bardsey standards) around the beaches, and included 28 Dunlins, 24 Ruddy Turnstones, seven Sanderlings, two Ringed Plovers, two Common Sandpipers and a Common Redshank. Hastily advancing their north-bound journeys overhead were 200 Barn Swallows, 25 House Martins, 15 Sand Martins and four Common Swifts. Despite very similar conditions to the previous night, very few birds were attracted to the lighthouse after dark; although at least two ‘Commic Terns’ were heard over the south end.

Wood Warbler at Cristin 

14 May 2009 © Richard Else

Spotted Flycatcher, 14 May 2009
© Steven Stansfield
Dunlin, 14 May 2009

© Steven Stansfield

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