Saturday, 9 May 2009

With Pomarine Skuas numbering into the twenties just a few miles along the coast to our east, hopes were high this morning that at least one of these spatula-tailed sea pirates would make its way into our area. However, seawatching for 3½ hours produced little more than two passing Sandwich Terns, moderate numbers of feeding Gannets and fairly good numbers (several hundred) of the regular breeding seabirds (shearwaters and auks). The Black-tailed Godwit is still at the lighthouse and a Wheatear appears to have been fatally attracted to the tower over night. Exactly why any bird should be attracted on a clear night when the moon is perfectly full is questionable. Other than the occasional small warbler in the Obs garden and a light southerly passage of Swallows migrant passerines are in very short supply. The wind continues to blow strong from the southwest producing some rather spectacular waves on the west coast.

Late afternoon

 Another hour Seawatching from the south end this afternoon produced little more than the moning. Four Racing Pigeons were the only new arrivals. The wind has died down and in now blowing just 4mph from the WSW.

Manx Shearwater
9 May 2009 © Steven Stansfield
9 May 2009 © Steven Stansfield
Black-tailed Godwit near the Lighthouse
9 May 2009 © Steven Stansfield

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