Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Mid-morning update (10:15)
The Golden Oriole from Yesterday was present again this morning, though is very mobile and rather elusive. It is only realy seen in flight, though it was heard singing briefly in the garden at Cristin at about 0700hrs. It was later seen in the withies before making its way onto the mountain side.

Novelty bird of the day so far comes in the form of a Brent Goose that was seen in Henllwyn first thing this morning. Is this a feral bird, and escaped pet, or a genuine wild bird just making its way north rather late in the season?

The only other migrant of note so far is a Common Redstart in Cristin Garden.

The Poplar Hawkmoth (first trapped on Sunday night) was re-trapped in the front Garden over night and the same Small-clouded Brindle was also re-trapped!

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