Tuesday, 16 June 2009

No migrants worth mentioning were seen during a very dull morning census, although a smart male Eurasian Sparrowhawk caught in a mist net at Cristin was thought not to be the locally-breeding bird.

Observatory staff took advantage of the fine weather, ahead of an incoming deluge, to make an afternoon peregrination around the east side of the island for a ringing session. Once rings had been put on two Peregrine Falcon chicks in a successful visit to the raptors’ nest, proceeding down to the rocks to ring Razorbills was torda of the day. Over 100 were ringed, including both pulli and adults, as well as some Common Guillemots that were atypically domiciled alongside their crotchety, hatchet-faced cousins deep inside a boulder colony.

Guillemot Chick

Young Razorbill

Peregrine chick

All pictures (c) Richard Else

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  1. Fantastic Website!

    We've been observing the Spring Migration here in the Pacific Northwest and what a treat to also be able to check your website and see what is happening on your side of the pond.

    Look forward to visiting Bardsey again this August with my son Dylan.

    Cheers from Oregon!