Saturday, 27 June 2009

On another beautiful summer day, three Common Swifts and four Black-headed Gulls – the trifling ornithological highlights of the day – were easily overshadowed by a stunning selection of Lepidoptera. The first ever Grey Pine Carpet for the island was in the moth trap at Cristin amid a host of commoner species that included two Confuseds, two Map-winged Swifts, ten Garden Tigers and the first Riband Wave of the year. As the sun rose above the ridge of the mountain, the day warmed considerably and a large numbers of day-flying species emerged; the heat rekindling life in their membranaceous appendages. At least a dozen Thrift Clearwings were on the wing, as well as a remarkable count of 40 Six-spot Burnets in the meadows. The most staggering event though, was a completely unprecedented mass influx of around 150 Diamond-back Moths amongst the thrift on the South End. Prior to the current year this small migrant species had only been recorded on Bardsey twice.
Day Flying Moths

Thrift Clearwings (c) Steve Stansfield

Rich B catching Clearwings
(c) Steve Stansfield

Rich B showing Connor and Emma Thrift Clearwing
(c) Steve Stansfield

Diamond-backed Moth (c) Steve Stansfield

Six Spot Burnet Moths (c) Steven Stansfield

Moths from the Trap
Ribband Wave (c) Steve Stansfield

Buff Ermine (c) Steve Stansfield
Lackey (c) Steve Stansfield

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