Monday, 29 June 2009

A big surprise came in the unusual form of a juvenile Common Treecreeper in Nant Withy, which was soon caught and ringed. Few other birds worth mentioning were seen: just 14 Eurasian Curlews, three Common swifts and two Black-headed Gulls. A visit to the Razorbill colonies proved a little too late as almost all of the chicks had already made their departure out to sea, but it did provide opportunity for some olfactory exploration of potential European Storm Petrel colonies. The birds’ aromatic presence was detected in several areas of boulders near Seal Cave.

It was another good moth night, and a number of noteworthy species were caught in the Cristin trap including the first Peach Blossom ever recorded on the island and only the second Narrow-winged Pug.

Treecreeper (c) Richard Brown

Peach Blossom (c) Richard Else

Narrow-winged Pug (c) Richard Else

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