Sunday, 7 June 2009

A scattering of migrants had arrived in the morning, although the weather remained quite blustery with sporadic drizzle throughout the day. A yellow Hippolais warbler was found skulking in Cristin withy, and was identified – after a number of frustratingly fleeting glimpses through obscuring foliage – as an Icterine Warbler. It was later trapped, allowing this identification to be confirmed in the hand. Other birds to arrive included a Common Cuckoo, two Spotted Flycatchers, two Blackcaps, a Common Whitethroat, four Willow Warblers and two each of Eurasian Siskin and Redpoll.

A grand total of three moths were in the Cristin trap in the morning, but one of them was a Small Clouded Brindle – probably the first ever seen on the island.

Early Afternoon update
A very skulky hippolais warbler - probably an Icterine was seen in Cristin withy early this morning. After all the resedent birders had seen it fairly well and seen many of the supporting features (blueish greay legs, silvery wing panel and apparent large size), the ID was still not 100% certain as the clinching feature - primary extention to tertial length had not been seen well with the bird in profile. After a while the bird was eventualy trapped and the primary extension was equal to the tertial length and the bird was large (wing length 77.5mm).

Icterine Warbler Cristin Withy
7 June 2009 (c) Steve Stansfield

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