Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A fairly quiet day today with no major avian surprises. A few Firecrests were still present on the island, a Great Spotted Woodpecker, Blue Tit and Great Tit were probably new arrivals. Moderate passage in the morning saw about 70 Skylarks, 120 Chaffinches, 6 Reed Buntings and about 20 Redpolls.

(c) Richard Brown

Lesser Redpoll
(c) Richard Brown

At sea a couple of pods of Risso's Dolphins were seen again, and as part of a CCW funded (and Licienced) photo-ID project were were fortunate enough to be able to enjoy fairly clam seas and get close to some of these magnificent animals. Both Pods comprised adult females with very small calves (less than 2 month old in some cases). The animals were feeding just off the south end of the island. A selection of images below show the difference in fin shape and markings that we use to identify animals as individuals.

Typical tall dorsal and scarred back

Two adults and a youngster

Closer look at one of the females with a calf

Quite white on the sides

Several animals together in the first pod

A rather white headed adult with her calf

Quite unmarked and small dorsal fin, but scarred sides

An adult with small calf, note the unmarked dorsal fin on the youngster

Note the well scarred sides on the adult, typical of this species

Female with small calf 'spy-hopping'

Adult dolphin with calf and Observatory in the background

Risso's Dolphins with Bardsey Lighthouse
All photos (c) Steve Stansfield

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  1. Hello
    Probably a bit after the horses have bolted, but please check all your Grey Wags where possible for colour rings. We've individually colour-ringed 140 migrants at Heysham Obs in last two autumns. Couldnt find a contact by e-mail slot, hence corresponding via this route.


    Pete Marsh