Sunday, 8 November 2009

A Whooper Swan flying north along the west coast partly fulfilled the prediction, based on the strong northerly winds, of an arrival of wildfowl – although no other noteworthy species appeared. A particularly late Wheatear was on the top of the mountain, 182 Woodpigeons flew overhead, five Black Redstarts were seen and a Lapwing, three Woodcocks and two Snipes were also found. Counts of the commoner migrants included 400 Starlings, 140 Chaffinches, 25 Greenfinches, nine Goldfinches, a Brambling, a Siskin, seven Skylarks, 40 Blackbirds, 20 Song Thrushes, 12 Redwings and a Fieldfare. Three Sparrowhawks, a Buzzard, a Kestrel and a Merlin, plus the resident Peregrines, were the day’s selection of raptors.

Whooper Swan (c) Richard Brown

The latest Wheatear on record. Perhaps the regrowing primaries of the left wing suggest why this individual is running late. (c) Richard Brown

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