Monday, 11 January 2010

It has been fairly good week with the arrival of lots of birds searching for any food that hasn't frozen solid. The North-Easterly winds have persisted, accompanied by cold temperatures just hovering above freezing, but still no snow! The main characteristic birds of the week have been Lapwing (up to 211 of them!), Golden Plover, an increase in Snipe and various thrushes. The Firecrest at Cristin and the Black Redstart in Henllwyn have now been here for over three weeks! Here is the detail:

Monday 4th saw a variety of waders about, with 2 Knot and a Dunlin in Solfach and 8 Golden Plover in the fields. There were 3 Mediterranean Gulls mixed in with the 300 Black-Headed Gulls.

Tuesday 5th- High tides combined with strong winds brought most of the gulls further into Solfach, feeding just near the breaking waves; the gull flock consisted of 400 Black-Headed Gulls, 7 Mediterranean Gulls, 39 Common Gulls and hidden amongst them was a Little Gull that later on was feeding just infront of the hide! Dodging the waves were 2 Knot. 2 Mistle Thrushes were on the narrows.

Wednesday 6th was a slightly sunnier and calmer day with the feeding flock of gulls still in Solfach- the Little Gull was still there and another was seen later on. There were also 5 Mediterranean Gulls, a Knot and a Dunlin feeding on the beach. In the wetlands there was a Jack Snipe and the 2 Mistle Thrushes were still around.

Thursday 7th- A Wigeon was briefly in henllwyn whilst 2 Dunlin and 2 Mediterranean Gulls were in Solfach. 2 Woodcock were seen in the afternoon.

Friday 8th- Calm winds and cold temperatures bought 156 Golden Plover and 211 Lapwing to the island whilst 2 Ringed Plover were present with the 2 Dunlin. Other birds include 7  Woodcock, a Teal, a Jack Snipe and 7 Mistle Thrushes.

Saturday 9th- Again their were many waders about with 148 Golden Plover, 2 Ringed Plover, 2 Dunlin and a Knot. There was a smaller feeding flock out at sea with 3 Mediterranean Gulls amongst them, 4 Wigeon joined the small group of Mallard whilst 15 Woodcock and 11 Mistle Thrushes were seen elsewhere.

Sunday 10th- A quieter day with 2 Ringed Plover, 4 Dunlin and a Mediterranean Gull in Solfach, 17 Woodcock were on the mountain whilst in the afternoon a Teal was in Cristin Withie.

Lapwing (c) Ben Porter

Little Gull (c) Ben Porter

Common Snipe (c) Ben Porter

Woodcock (c) Ben Porter

Ringed Plover (c) Ben Porter

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