Sunday, 13 June 2010

New additions to the list of bird species seen on Bardsey don’t come around very often these days, but the second new bird for the island this year was found early in the morning. It took the surprising shape of a female Ring-necked Parakeet flying around high above the lowlands before settling at Nant for the rest of the day. It may be not be considered a very genuine wild migrant, but it is allowed in ‘category c’ (fully naturalised introduced species) and therefore still ‘counts’ – as much as Canada Geese and our resident Little Owls do anyway.

This Rose-ringed Parakeet answers to the name of Polly but may apparently go on to supplement a feral breeding population... apparently. (c) Richard Brown (the owner can contact us through this blog)

The Cuckoo was still present form the previous day, a Collared Dove was seen and a Siskin, two Goldfinches and two Lesser Redpolls also remained.


  1. It only counts in category c if it is descended from wild stock. As an escaped cage bird this individual falls into category e.

  2. His name is Freddy! I lost him from my home in Aberdaron last Wednesday! Is there any chance you could please return him? I am willing to pay any associated costs. I will look for your contact details and give you my phone number. Thank you in advance,
    Mrs Miggins

  3. Mrs Miggins,

    I thought you would have had more control over you bird, letting it escape from your Pie shop is just careless.

    Edmund B