Friday, 4 June 2010

A Black Redstart at the abbey ruins was the best bird of the day, with other new arrivals very thin on the ground. Six Collared Doves were in the various gardens, along with a Willow Warbler, four Chiffchaffs, two Spotted Flycatchers, four Goldfinches and five Lesser Redpolls. A Kestrel, two Swifts, a Sand Martin and four House Martins flew over, and two Curlews were with a lingering trio of Whimbrels on the coast.

The first trip of the year was made to the nearby Gwylan islands to do some seabird ringing and counting. Many of the Shags and Cormorants were already too big to ring, but the Great Black-backed Gulls and some of the Herring Gulls were at the appropriate stage. A couple of adult Puffins were also caught, and a chick was found in one of the burrows.

Puffins at sea around the Gwylans (c) Richard Brown

Puffin (c) Richard Else

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