Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A couple of Blackcaps were found and 22 Willow Warblers were still present. Nine Common Sandpipers and a Grey Heron were around the coast and the Parakeet was still visiting the observatory garden.

The moth trap in the withies produced a good catch including a Haworth's Minor - a new species for the island.

Haworth's Minor

The Drinker. 2010 has been a record year for this species. Most records refer to the males, which come more readily to light, but females such as this one occasionally turn up in the moth traps and can sometimes be found resting by day. The name 'Drinker' comes from the caterpillar's supposed habit of drinking dew drops.
Pictures (c) Richard Else

Good numbers of Common sandpiper have been recorded around the island's coast 
(c) Ben Porter

Willow warblers continue to pass through (c) Ben Porter

The Common Prawn, found in the shallow waters around Bardsey, can change the lines and spots of colour marking its body so that their pattern matches their background.

The Shanny is a common fish in shallow water around the island. This is another animal that can change its colour to match its habitat. Pictures (c) Gwyn Stacey

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