Monday, 29 November 2010

Another productive sunny day saw the cold weather persisting with more plovers arriving. Most birds were around the narrows; three Ring Plovers, the usual Dunlin, 33 Lapwings and 14 Golden Plovers were the main highlights. Three Eider Ducks, two Wigeons with the Mallards and two Teals were around the beaches. Sixteen Snipe and three Woodcocks were flushed in the wetlands and the ringed Firecrest was found in Plas Withie. A small passage of gulls took place in the morning with several feeding flocks forming off the coast; two Mediterranean Gulls, fifty Black headed Gulls, seven Common Gulls, twelve Kittiwakes and a Gannet were seen.

A couple Wigeons spent the day feeding with the Mallards.
Three Ringed Plovers(top) are now present. Along with the Dunlin(bottom), they have taken to feeding on the Narrows rather than Solfach.
Lapwing flocks continue to move through. Pictures (c) Ben Porter

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