Monday, 20 December 2010

Temperatures continued to cool and by morning, most streams, ponds and even the beach was frozen. Many birds struggled to find food, a strip of seed was put out for the larks and finches in the cows field at the north end. Two Woodlarks remained in this field, making use of the seed with 460 Skylarks scattered around. Twelve Bramblings and seventy Linnets also visited the seed briefly. Thrushes fed in the fields with today’s counts coming to: twelve Blackbirds, three Fieldfares, 78 Song Thrushes, 63 Redwings and eight Mistle Thrushes. Waders tried to feed where the ground allowed with groups of Snipe feeding in the middle of the fields; three Ringed Plovers, 64 Golden Plovers, 47 Lapwings, a Grey Plover, a Dunlin, 53 Snipe and seven Woodcocks were dotted around the island. Five Wigeons and two Teals fed in Solfach.

Redwings feed in the fields beside Snipe, Golden Plovers and Lapwing.
A few sizeable flocks of Golden Plover have also started to trickle through.
Skylarks can be seen in virtually every field.
 Some more shots of the Woodlarks; one of which was trapped and ringed in the afternoon, this being the first Woodlark to have been trapped on Bardsey before.
Wigeons. Pictures (c) Ben Porter

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