Sunday, 16 January 2011

The wind and the rain finally eased during the day, and as well as this, a few more birds were present. The day saw a scattering of slightly different birds which included: a Lapwing, a Ringed Plover, three Teals, a Wigeon, a Snipe and two Skylarks around the South end and the narrows. Inland, the female Sparrowhawk, a Buzzard and two Peregrines were the only birds of prey present and a couple Goldcrests fed in the plantation.

Despite having to dive for it's food, the Cormorant has to 'hang' it's wings up to dry them after swimming and diving in the sea water.
After sheltering away somewhere for the past few days, a Wigeon and the twenty Mallards re-appeared as the wind eased today.
A Ringed Plover was on Solfach. Pictures (c) Ben Porter

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