Saturday, 5 March 2011

The wind had completely eased off by early morning and low cloud had rolled in. A Snow Bunting was by far the highlight of the day and a good, early record for the year; it circled by the lighthouse a few times whilst calling and then was chased high up by a Merlin. A couple Ring Plovers were around the narrows and a Red throated Diver fed with the Shags off the west side. Four Skylarks were at separate ends of the island whilst four Song Thrushes, a Redwing and two Blackbirds were scattered around the withies and gardens. Great Tits were around in good numbers with fewer Blue Tits also present; twelve of the former and six of the latter fed on the feeders alongside Chaffinches and the odd Moorhen.

The east side was fairly busy with birds today; Fulmars glided in and out of possible nesting sites; Shags could be seen flying in to their nests with nesting material; around 100 Guillemots and 180 Razorbills swam around noisily in the calm waters and the first seven Kittiwakes to be seen around there this year were also present. Pictures (c) Ben Porter

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