Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Despite a night of calm winds and overcast skies, there were very few birds of any consequence seen on the island during the day. A Starling over the wetlands, the first greenland race Wheatear of the summer, a Redstart at Crsitin and a Lesser Redpoll flying around were the most noteworthy sightings. Good numbers of Willow Warblers were still present, with 35 individuals recorded , and a couple of Sand Martins passed overhead. Two Black-headed Gulls and the Grey Heron were around the narrows at high tide; four Turnstones and nine Redshanks were the most notable waders seen.
The calm and cloudy conditions in the night were ideal for moth-trapping, and an incredible 1221 moths of 39 different species were trapped in the Cristin Withy trap alone. A Ruby Tiger, a Purple-bar and a Northern Eggar were amongst the more interesting species trapped, and during the day a Barred Red (first for the island) was found. Other non-avian sightings included a pod of ten Risso's Dolphins off the east side of the mountain in the early afternoon.

 Willow Warblers
Each egg box in the Cristin Withy moth trap contained almost 200 moths, over 800 of the total catch being Dark Aches.

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