Friday, 20 January 2012

18th to 20th January

New arrivals on the 18th included a Golden Plover that joined the Lapwing on the North End, six Teals around the Narrows and a dead Woodcock above Nant. The 19th was a breezy day with temperatures a touch on the chilly side. Six Song Thrushes in the lowlands was a reasonable increase to recently, a Kestrel hunted along the mountainside and two Whimbrels were amongst the flock of Curlews in Henllwyn. Nothing besides the Kestrel and three Song Thrushes were seen on the 20th. During this very quiet period, the three Shelducks remained around the Narrows most days.

The unfortunate Woodcock met its end by means of the female Sparrowhawk
 the flock of five Teals in Henllwyn-another single bird was with the Mallards in Solfach
The male Pied Wagtail continues to feed amongst the Rock Pipits in Solfach

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