Wednesday, 1 February 2012

30th January to 1st February

Despite the overcast skies and brisk south-eastrely winds, the 30th was a much better day than the 29th. A Woodcock was flushed from the mountainside above Cristin midday, where the two Woodpigeons were also seen; two Common Scoters flew past the Narrows in the morning and a Whimbrel was present on the South-west side of the Narrows. The calm weather continued into the last day of January, and saw a few more noteworthy birds arriving. Five Common Scoters and a Red-throated Diver were seen off the Narrows in the morning; seven Teals and three Ringed Plovers were seen in Solfach, whilst inland, a Song Thrush and a Linnet were the only notable species. The 1st February saw temperatures below freezing for the majority of the night, and with the ground frozen hard, many birds struggled to find softer ground to feed. A flock of calidrid waders flew around the Narrows in the morning, and after several new birds arrived to join the flock during the day, the final number amounted to 13 Dunlins, six Knots and three Sanderlings, and the three Ringed Plovers were again in Henllwyn. Six Shelducks were seen in Henllwyn, whilst as seems to be the case on calm February days, a pair of Red-throated Divers were feeding off the west coast; two Common Scoters flew past the Narrows. Three Song Thrushes were the only noteworthy passerines around, whilst a Grey Heron flew over Pencristin in the late afternoon.

 One of the Ringed Plovers bore a ring on its right leg, suggesting that it is possibly one of the breeding pairs returning to its nesting site
Dunlin (upper), Knot (middle two) and Sanderling (lower)

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