Tuesday, 7 February 2012

5th to 7th February

A juvenile Iceland Gull flew south along the East edge of the South End in the late afternoon on the 5th- this is only the ninth record for the island and the first since May 2009. A Ringed Plover, two Bar-tailed Godwits and 13 Dunlins were seen around the Narrows and the South end, whilst a seawatching session mid-morning off the North end saw three Red-throated Divers, six Gannets, five Fulmars, 20 Common Scoters and a Teal passing by with a few hundred auks. The two Woodpigeons were at Nant and the Little Owl was seen on Pencristin. With no wind at all on the 6th, it felt very spring-like with mild temperatures, and many passerines began their choruses. It was a little quieter on th bird-front: a Red-throated Diver was seen off the west side, a single Ringed Plover and Sanderling were in Henllwyn, two Snipes were in the wetlands and three Song Thrushes were seen around the houses. The 7th was a little on the cool side, with a south-easterly wind persisting throughout the day. In the morning, two Knots, a Dunlin and 22 Purple Sandpipers were seen on Carreg Yr Honwy, whilst a Red-throated Diver was feeding off the West side. A Snipe was seen on the mountain and three Meadow pipits were on Pencristin.

 Unfortunately, the Iceland Gull didn't at all linger on the island, and only a few distant record shots were managed as the bird headed south past the South End
There were plenty of Fulmars on the East side on the 5th, flying around in the gusty easterlies and jostling for the best nesting sites.

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