Thursday, 5 April 2012

Despite the respite in the gale-force winds, nothing had started to filter back south. With very few migrants around, the same Coal Tit was once again at Nant, a couple of Merlins hunted along the coast, and three Goldfinches were feeding in the gardens.

 A couple of Merlins were seen along the coast
 The strong Northerly winds yesterday has slowed down the passage of common migrants such as Chiffchaffs
 Meadow Pipit numbers have waned to around 60 birds each day, which are mostly breeding birds
The Linnet flock has gone in the opposite way, with a flock of over 300 birds at the North end being the highest total of the year


  1. Wow, that merlin is lovely...excellent compositions and contrast...They are all beautiful!! Happy Easter, I invite you to my new blog! cheers, Linda :)