Saturday, 26 May 2012

The day started off with a bang at 6am this morning when a Black Kite was seen flying Northward over the withies. The bird continued North-east over the track and was seen over an hour later flying over Uwchmynydd by an observer on the mainland. This is the second record for the island, following on from a bird that was seen briefly heading East past Pencristin in October 2009.

 Black Kite
Singing male Black Cap - similar, but different to the above!
 Robins are doing well this season
 young have fledged from two nests in the obs garden
Dunnocks are still up to their 'ways'!
Meadow Pipits are starting to fledge
Elsewhere on the bird front, a Redstart was seen at the Schoolhouse, a Goldcrest was in Nant Withy, 11 Spotted Flycatchers were scattered throughout and 28 Swifts flew overhead with four Sand Martins, 60 Swallows and 28 House Martins. Two stunning summer plumage Knots were seen in Solfach in the afternoon, along with nine Ringed Plovers, 15 Dunlins and three Curlews.

An extremely skulky warbler in Cristin Withy mid-afternoon unfortunately escaped the clutches of identification. Only seen once or twice and into bright sunlight, the bulky warbler with a large bill could have been a Hippolais warbler.

They're knot called Red Knots for no reason!

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