Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The largest arrival of migrants today was of 40 Spotted Flycatchers that were scattered all over the island; two Whinchats in the lowlands and a 'Flava' Wagtail over the Narrows were the only other notable sightings of the day.

The Little Owls are becoming exceedingly approachable. I happened upon this bird whilst walking along the mountain this afternoon, not sure who was more surprised , the owl or me!

Little Owl
 A pair of Swallows currently building a nest in the Cristin pig sties are also very approachable at the moment
Foxglove Pug (upper) and Scalloped Hazel (lower) were trapped in the Nant Withy moth trap overnight. The Puss Moth caterpillars that pupated in the autumn have now emerged, with one adult moth released into Cristin garden

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