Monday, 4 June 2012

A Common Rosefinch found at Plas mid-morning was the best find of the day, and was later seen at Nant Withy. The Melodious Warbler was found in Cristin early morning, before it moved into the green lane where it began singing. In other news, eight Spotted Flycatchers were scattered around the island, whilst three Sanderlings joined the flock of Dunlins in Solfach and a Whimbrel was in Henllwyn.

 For over a week now, a single pair of Shelducks have been raising 12 ducklings in Solfach. On the opposite side of the beach, another pair of Shelducks were raising seven youngsters. However, by yesterday morning, the brood of 12 ducklings had been joined by the seven others, representing a small creche of 19 ducklings with the one greedy parents. The second pair of Shelducks have now left Solfach, leaving their young in the care of the highly protective pair. 
 Robins chicks seem to be all over the island at the moment, with five alone along the back of the observatory
Six-spot Burnet larva and cacoons are all along the track fenceline at the moment-some posts have as many as seven cacoons on them
Clouded-bordered Brindle-a few have been trapped so far this year

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  1. 19 ducklings, fantastic. Always safety in numbers.