Friday, 1 June 2012

June started on a very quiet note today, although a few new arrivals were evident amongst the usual breeders. A Great Skua (3rd of the year) flew South along the West coast in the morning, whilst 70 Swallows, 13 House Martins and two Swifts flew overhead. On land, the Yellow Wagtail was again in Solfach, a Reed Warbler was trapped in Cristin Withy and 16 Spotted Flycatcherstwo Whitethroats, six Chiffchaffs and a Willow Warbler were also seen.

 Wheatears have stopped moving through now, with the only birds remaining being the nominate British race that are breeding on the island.
 At least two pairs of House Martins have begun building their mud nests under the eaves of  the Lighthouse cottages- the only breeding location of this species on the island
The pair of Little Owls continue to prove very tame in the area above Plas
 The first Painted Lady of the year was seen on the south end thrift in the afternoon. This species undertakes a long-distance migration, flying Northwards from North Africa, central Asia and the Middle East into Europe and the UK. Last year was quite a poor one for this species, mainly due to the weather, although hopefully this summer will see higher numbers 
A Sandy Carpet (above) was caught in Nant Withy, along with an Oblique Carpet and a Grey Pug


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  2. Excellent updates and photos to match. Many thanks for not only covering the birds that you see but for the other wildlife like the Painted Lady butterfly and all the moths that you encounter.
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