Saturday, 9 June 2012

Two Storm Petrels off the South end of the island in the morning were the highlights of another windy day. Two Golden Plovers also flew past with good numbers of common birds, although passerines inland were extremely thin on the ground.

The strong Westerly wind pushed large numbers of seabirds close to the island's shores, although most were just the usual breeders
This Grey Seal was observed in front of the North hide as it tore a Pollock apart, and even managed to skin it!
The pairs of Stonechats above the Schoolhouse and Cristin seem to have fledged a second brood recently

The moth traps have been catching very little of late, although a few day-flying 'micros' have been recorded: 
Diamond-back Moths are migratory moths, despite their small size. Thousands can appear overnight at coastal migration points- here on the island, around 15 have been recorded so far this year
 Cocksfoot Moth- this tiny species is just over 6mm in length, and had only been seen on the island once before 2011. It was then seen in small numbers of up to 13 in the New Plantation. However, this year has shown that this species is very common on the island, with several counts of over 500 moths in the New Plantation recorded over the last few weeks
Three Celypha cespitana were seen on the mountain midday, representing the first records of this relatively common species this year

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