Thursday, 14 June 2012

With Ben being away on his summer holiday Mark and I will be trying to keep the log up to date, though migration is all but over now and our attention has turned to the breeding birds of the island. That said a fine adult Pomarine Skua was seen on the Narrows this morning. Rich B got some fantastic pictures of the bird and are viewable on his blog. (

This massive Shelduck brood is actually three broods that have been amassed from kidnapping! It all began with a pair who had a brood of 8 young, they then stole a brood of four and then another brood of seven. The female is rather manic and protective now of her super-brood of 19 young. You can see in the shot above that the remaining 18 youngsters are of three different sizes.

wrens are having a good season too with over 100 singing males recorded on the common bird census.
 Guillemots are on ledges and in the boulders, and numbers appear to be reasonable.
 There were over 200 Shags on the east side during a boat count earlier in the week.
 Several were still in nests...
 ...but many, like this one, had fledged
 Fulmar numbers were low, with fewer than 10 pairs on the cliffs

 Puffins are doing very well again, with many birds coming ashore in the small colony that appears to be growing on the east side.
 Herring Gulls are doing well, with many young being found in the colonies
Whimbrels are still present in small numbers, though there are no signs of breeding. They did nest within the BBFO recording area in 1999 and 2000, but although they are regular in both summer and winter there have been no further signs of breeding.

Up to 80 pairs of Otstercatchers are regular breeders on the island, but numbers this year appear a little lower than normal.

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