Friday, 20 July 2012

A slightly more eventful day saw a few scarcities on the island. In the early morning, the first Grey Wagtail for some time flew over Ty Pellaf, either the second or third Greenshank of the year was seen briefly in Henllwyn and a Red Knot was present in Solfach. A Common Sandpiper and a Purple Sandpiper were the only other waders of any note around the narrows. Inland, only 12 Willow Warblers were left from yesterday.

 A RED Red Knot
 Willow Warblers
Two Eucosma campoliliana (top) were trapped near Carreg Reed bed, which are the second and third records of this moth which feeds on Ragwort. Five Pempeliella dilutella (bottom) were seen on the mountain in the afternoon.
A Bee Moth was also caught. This species gets its name from the habit of its larvae, which feed on comb and other material inside Bees and Wasp's nests

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