Sunday, 1 July 2012

Steve and myself (Ben) arrived back on the island today after a week and two week absence respectively. The best bird in this period was undoubtedly yesterday's Greenish Warbler in Cristin Withy. However, a retrospective look at the pictures of it (see Rich's blog) have found the bird to possess what appear to be some atypical features of Greenish. The yellow looking ear-coverts, long and broad yellow looking supercilium, general yellow-green tones of the bird and the stouter bill are potentially all features that the subspecies Green Warbler show. When yesterday's bird is compared to both the 2010 Greenish and the one earlier in June, there are contrasts between them. This may be just individual variation, and photographic effect, but whatever, it is a striking bird. Unfortunately, the bird could not be re-found today, and so its true racial identity may not be clinched.

Otherwise, it has been a very quiet couple of weeks, mainly due to the very strong winds and rain storms. Recently, singles of Dunlin and Sanderling have been noted around the Narrows, a Cuckoo has been seen in the lowlands and a Spotted Flycatcher was at Nant. Pictures to come...

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