Saturday, 19 January 2013

With the cold temperatures persisting both on the island and mainland, there was a large movement of thrushes and waders today. Flocks of over 100 thrushes amounted to 560 Redwings, 100 Fieldfares, 92 Song Thrushes, and 22 Blackbirds. Over 100 Lapwings made their way across the sound to Bardsey, including a flock of 75, whilst 38 Golden Plovers also flew over. Six Woodcocks and five Snipe were flushed from the wetlands and the North end, whilst 16 Teals were seen around the Narrows. Raptors made the most of the large numbers of birds, with both pairs of Peregrines hunting during the day, plus singles of Sparrowhawk and Merlin.

 Fieldfares (and Redwings) covered the island
 Meadow Pipit

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