Thursday, 9 May 2013

A ridiculously windy day with heavy downpours saw hardly any noteworthy birds on the island. A total of 13 Whimbrels, one Common Sandpiper, one Ringed Plover, five Purple Sandpipers and three Turnstones were seen around the Narrows at high tide, whilst several hundred Manx Shearwaters passed by out to sea. Inland, very few passerine migrants were left from yesterday, although seven Blackcaps, three Sedge Warblers, 12 Chiffchaffs, three Willow Warblers and three Whitethroats sheltered in the depths of the New Plantation.

 There are some rather smart Turnstones around at the moment
 There are very few Oystercatcher pairs around the coast at the moment, largely due to the weather. Nesting and egg-laying will probably be a good 2 weeks later than previous years
A handful of warblers sheltered away from the grim conditions in the new Plantation, including Chiffchaffs (top) and Blackcaps (lower)


  1. Great images Ben, that Oystercatcher gets a 10 out 10 from me, brilliant shot.

  2. Cheers Doug! Much appreciated