Sunday, 5 May 2013

Continuing the very quiet pattern set in recent days, it was another disappointing day on the bird front. The highlight of the morning (in island terms) was a flock of five Rooks over the South End (appalling isn't it?!). At high tide, a total of 18 Whimbrels, two Dunlins, two Ringed Plovers and three summer-plumaged Turnstones were seen around the Narrows and South End. A respectable total of 36 Wheatears was recorded around the island, whilst six Chiffchaffs, two Whitethroats and three Sedge Warblers were recorded inland.

 This Northern Ringed Plover was present with the usual male Ringed lover on the Narrows in the afternoon- note the chocolate-brown tones on the back, mantle and wing
 A small number of Greenland-race Wheatears (above) continue to feed around the coast, whilst a few pairs of Northern Wheatears have taken up breeding territories in some places
 There are plenty of Linnets around at the moment, such as this male
 The first Angle Shades of the year (top) was caught in the Robinson trap at Cristin, along with Dark Sword-grass (lower)

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