Sunday, 26 May 2013


So far, it has been an appalling year for moths, due to the sustained low temperatures. Even now, in slightly warmer conditions, we are struggling to pull out a single moth from the three traps currently being run every night.
Last night, a grand total of two moths were trapped: a rather handsome Marbled Coronet, and a Rustic Shoulder-knot. There have only been three previous records of Rustic Shoulder-knot on Bardsey.

On the micro-moth front, a few common species have emerged in the last few days, including Esperia sulphurella, Cock's Foot Moths, Bactra lancealana, Cydia ulicetana and Gracillaria syringella.

 Marbled Coronet
 Rustic Shoulder-knot
 These rather smart micro moths are Gracillaria syringella, and were only first recorded on Bardsey in 2011
Cock's Foot Moth was similarly only found on Bardsey in 2010, although since then up to 1000 individuals have been seen at a time in the New Plantation 

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