Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A day of strong winds and rain saw few new arrivals on the island. That said, at least two Yellow-browed Warblers remained at the Observatory, one of which was trapped midday. A Ring Ouzel was present on the hillside above Nant and a Garden Warbler was seen in Carreg Bach garden feasting on the Blackberries.

The third Yellow-browed Warbler to be trapped this year 


  1. HI Ben I have been trying to leave a comment for the last 30 minutes on your blog and the 'Robot' thing was not working. Do you have to have this in your site? It is extremely frustrating and most people find it annoying. Of course it is your decision but I do not have the time for this added job when blogging. Now in case this does work this time, it was great that the Yellow browed Warbler was still there and the Wren is a great shot.

  2. Hi Margaret. I am sorry that the comment form wasn't working. I shall look into it