Monday, 25 November 2013

It was another calm couple of days, although overcast conditions settling over the island made it feel very cold. There were virtually no noteworthy sightings on the 24th, with very few thrushes around the island's gardens, and not much movement out to sea. The Hooded Crow remained on Solfach, and  was still present today. The 25th was a slightly more eventful day, with the Water Pipit making an appearance on Solfach midday. The bird was seen feeding amongst the usual mix of Rock Pipits, along with a couple of birds which looked more like A.p. littoralis. The Water Pipit was a very striking bird, with off-white underparts and more defined streaking making it look like a Meadow Pipit at times. It is likely that this is the same bird that was present a couple of weeks ago.
On the rest of the bird front: a flock of 21 Lapwings flew South-east over the Narrows, a Jack Snipe and four Snipe were flushed from the Ty Pellaf Wetlands, and a Merlin chased the flock of Goldfinches around Ty Pellaf. Thrush-counts were back up, with a total of 26 Blackbirds, nine Song Thrushes, a Fieldfare, and five Redwings recorded.

 Water Pipit- note the much paler tones on the underparts, more defined streaking and browner upperparts
 Rock Pipit
There is still a small flock of Starlings on Solfach, although most of them have dispersed 
These two Choughs became engaged in an interesting battle, which ended with both of them flying off after each other, and several other birds in pursuit!

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  1. At least that made it super easy to get colour ring reads :)