Thursday, 13 February 2014

February 10th

On a beautiful sunny day, two Shelducks were seen on the small lake on The Narrows, with a Common Gull flying past The Narrows. A Skylark was flushed from the wetlands, whilst other passerines inland continued singing away in anticipation of the coming spring (well, surely spring has got to arrive at some point?).

There has been a gathering of up to 120 Grey Seals on Henllwyn at the moment. Bull Grey Seal (top) to compare to a cow (lower)

February 11th

A chilly and quite breezy day saw a small selection  of waders around The Narrows at high tide, including 53 Curlews and 16 Oystercatchers, whilst a Snipe was flushed from the Wetlands. Two Peregrines drifted over the mountain for the first time for a while.

The number of Lesser Black-backed Gull around the island has slowly been increasing over the last month, as birds arrive back from their wintering grounds from Spain to Morocco

February 12th

Starting off as a breezy day with torrential rain, the wind gradually picked up throughout the day, reaching an utterly ridiculous strength during the late afternoon, and gusting over 100 mph hour on Pen Cristin. Birding was therefore a little difficult to say the least!! Nevertheless, a handful of birds were recorded on The Narrows. Five Turstones and 136 Oystercatchers sheltered behind banks in the fields, whilst six Lesser Black-backed Gulls took refuge in fields a little further inland. Singles of Snipe and Redwing were seen in the Ty Pellaf Wetlands.

A flock of 136 Oystercatchers struggled to find shelter behind banks and gorse bushes on The Narrows

February 13th

After the near hurricane-force winds of the previous day had died down overnight, the island was a scene of carnage: many slates had been ripped off the roofs of the houses, and hurtled over 150 metres through the year in some cases! The avifauna of the island seemed to have survived though! A continental-type Cormorant flew West over The Narrows mid-morning, whilst a Fulmar glided past out to sea. The over-wintering Whimbrel was present in Henllwyn, amongst the 53 Curlews, and the Hooded Crow made an appearance on Solfach.

Many of the island's smaller waders have taken to The Narrows to feeding, especially in the near-monsoon conditions that we have been experiencing recently!

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  1. HI I love the shots of the Oystercatchers. a; B&W with orange legs and then them all taking off.