Saturday, 12 April 2014

Virtually all of the migrants from yesterday's fall had cleared away overnight, leaving a very small percentage on the island. A brisk south-westerly meant that many were also keeping a lower profile than yesterday's birds, although small totals of three Blackcaps, seven Chiffchaffs and 26 Willow Warblers were counted. A small movement of hirundines saw 22 Swallows and one Sand Martin passing overhead, whilst nine Wheatears were scattered around the coast.

 With a stronger breeze, and chillier conditions, there were fewer insects about for the newly-arrived migrants to re-fuel on. A handful of Blackcaps at Nant, however, spent most of the day feeding on the nectar of the Damson flowers- a nectivorous habit that they acquire during their migration
Did you know? The latter half of the Blackcap's scientific name, Sylvia atricapilla, translates to ater= black and capillus= capped
Three pairs of Wheatears have settled down on The Narrows and the South End, one of which has been observed gathering nesting material already.

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