Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The usual light northerly winds and clear skies prevailed throughout another stunning day on the island. The most notable sightings in avian terms today comprised one Whimbrel, eight Curlews, two Sandwich Terns, a Cuckoo and a Swift.

There was plenty of interest in other areas of the wildlife on the island today: an effort to locate Thrift Clearwings on the South End was rewarded by the finding of at least six individuals near the South Hide and on the thrift above Ogof Ystwffl Glas. Aside this Notable Scarce (Nb) species, about 15 Lobesia littoralis and one Diamond-back Moth were also seen. A Black-tailed Skimmer flew north over the South End, which is a very rare species of dragonfly on Bardsey.

Several broods of Wren chicks have fledged over the last few days, most with at least three of four chicks 
The Thrift Clearwings were great to see back on the South End. This species is one of the island's rarer macro moths, being a Nationally Scarce (Nb) species in the UK The larvae feed in the roots of thrift
Lobesia littoralis 
The monster that is the Cranefly (Tipula sp.)

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