Saturday, 26 July 2014

It was another busy day, both in terms of avian migrants and new comers in the form of staying guests for the coming week(s). There was a somewhat smaller number of Willow Warblers around, although at least 100 were logged. The more noteworthy sightings from the morning comprised a Yellow Wagtail, a Grasshopper Warbler trapped in Ty-Pellaf Withy, a Greenshank over The Narrows, and an albino-type Willow Warbler at Nant.

The first few migrant Sedge Warblers are appearing around the island at the moment, although one or two pairs are still feeding young, such as these 
This odd albino-type Willow Warbler was seen at Nant in the late afternoon- although the wings do not look hugely pale, the impression in flight was quite striking, almost ghostly! 
Marbled Greens 
Eana osseana

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