Friday, 1 August 2014

August started on a fairly damp note, with showers persisting from the early hours through to about midday. After the inclement conditions had cleared away, it was clear that migrants were on the move again: some 15 Willow Warblers at the Plantation in the morning had increased to over 35 by the afternoon, and a sum total of about 60 was reached over the whole island, along with four Sedge Warblers. A juvenile Black Tern was discovered amongst four Whimbrels and seven Sandwich Terns on the rocks near Solfach at high tide, which is a great record.

Willow Warbler numbers have taken a bit of a fall in the last few days, although an arrival this afternoon provides a promising prospect for tomorrow 
A count of 63 Wheatears- almost all of which were juvenile birds- on the 31st of July illustrates what a fantastic breeding season this species has had on Bardsey 
Fledgling Wrens are all over the island at the moment 
 Rusty Dot Pearl (Udea ferrugalis)- the second record of this migrant so far this year
Brown-line Bright-eye- confusingly similar in name to the Bright-line Brown-line. This is just the sixth record of this species on Bardsey, the last of which was in 2009
A very plainly-marked Eucosma cana

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  1. > confusingly similar in name to the Bright-line Brown-line

    Don't you mean Bright-line Brown-eye? : )