Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Black-Throated Diver was pick of the bunch out at sea today when it was seen off the west coast, also recorded were a lingering flock of 116 Kittiwakes, 17 Black-headed Gulls moving south, four Gannets, two Common Gulls and 61 Razorbills. 280 Herring Gulls gathered on small pools that are forming on the narrows due to so much rain.

Numbers were thin on the ground and the strong southerly winds and rain made for a difficult census. However a smart adult male Black Redstart was seen briefly at the north end. Six Skylarks, five Chiffchaffs, five Stonechats, three Goldcrests, one Goldfinch and one Song Thrush were the highlights of a slow day.

This Chiffchaff discovered in the withies had many of the plumage characteristics of tristis or Siberian Chiffchaff. The overall plumage of the bird was very pale grey brown, the breast and flanks again were pale grey with no hint of any yellowish buff, pale supercillium and brownish tinge to the ear coverts, distinct pale fringes to the covers forming a wing bar and a slight greenish tinge to the primaries and secondaries. Unfortunately the bird did not call whilst being observed but appearance wise looked a good candidate for a Siberian Chiffchaff.

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