Saturday, 15 November 2014

Calmest day of the week so far brought a small influx of finches and thrushes. 75 Chaffinches were seen along with 20 Linnits, eight Goldfinches, two Siskins and one Greenfinch. Thrush wise 18 Blackbirds and eight Song Thrushes were present mostly in the Gardens. An interesting Chiffchaff, again Tristis like in plumage was seen briefly in the farm garden but quickly dissipated in the vegetation there and was not seen again. The sprawling mass of Starlings are still around amounted to 520, most of which spent the day at the north end of the island although a small number were still feeding among st 16 Chough on the beaches.

It was generally quiet around the narrows and the beach although a nice, and very approachable mixed flock of 22 Turnstones and 16 Purple Sandpipers spent sometime around the rocks by Solfach. Also a Hooded Crow, Grey Heron, small number of Herring Gulls, Greater-black Backed Gulls and 30 Rock Pipits were close by.

One of the Purple Sandpipers from a mixed flock including Turnstones

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  1. Great shot of the Purple Sandpiper. I went out this afternoon and hardly saw anything at least just the usual