Thursday, 26 March 2015

A day with stronger north-westerly winds and some rain overnight saw a rather limited smattering of migrants on the island. In terms of passerines, there were two Scandinavian Rock Pipits on Solfach, two Wheatears were present to the south, seven Chiffchaffs and eight Goldcrests were seen at Nant, and two Starlings and a Reed Bunting were also recorded. A pair of Ringed Plovers had returned to an area of scree just to the west of Solfach, which is a promising start to their breeding season.



Many Oystercatchers have paired up and separated off to their respective territories around the coast

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  1. Love the shot of the Shag. Saw my first Chiffcahff for this year on the I.O.W. Have a lovely weekend.